Jerry & Christine Perez

Possessing a mix of Modern and Classic style and known for their razor sharp technique as well as their earthy and expressive performance style, they draw in audiences with their storytelling choreographies as well as their dynamic improvisational skills.
As teachers, Jerry & Christine are highly recognized for their infectious enthusiasm; passionate energy and their genuine interest in the development of their students. Because Tango is known to be one the most intriguing and challenging dance genres in the world, J&C believe in providing a simple, clear and straightforward approach to this enigmatic dance. They focus on movement at its most basic level, creating a strong technical foundation while developing body awareness, muscle memory, alignment, pliability and power as well as placing strong emphasis on improvisation, technique and etiquette for the social dance floor. They believe anyone can learn to dance and teach by the same formula they use: discipline, dedication, consistency and a positive attitude equal success. Currently Jerry & Christine reside in Los Angeles, CA.