P. Elena Patisova.

P. Elena Patisova.

Ido Tadmor

Born in Jerusalem to a family of dancers, Ido Tadmor began his studies at the Bat-Dor Dance School of Tel Aviv, joining their company in 1983. 

In 1985, Tadmor joined Batsheva, becoming their principal dancer and consolidating himself as one of the leading contemporary dancers in Israel. Following the creation of “Sima’s Pot” in 1995, he established the Ido Tadmor Dance Group, touring in Tokyo, Madrid, Paris, Moscow and the US. 

For over three decades, Tadmor has collaborated for renowned companies such as Complexions, Bolshoi Ballet, Lar Luvovitch, National State Ballet of Turkey, The Israeli Ballet and many more. After being named by the Vienna Committee as one of the ten best contemporary dancers, he went on to become a lead judge in Israel’s So You Think You Can Dance

In 2011, he won the prestigious Landau Prize in Israel and in 2017, he became a CID member of UNESCO’s International Dance Council and was awarded Master of Dance by Chapman University, beginning a 3-year professorship in Irvine, CA.  


Ido’s Intermediate/Advanced Ballet class takes place every Wednesday at 10 am & Fridays at 9:45 am, both in Studio A. Please see our schedule for details.