Frequently Asked Questions


  • Where is parking available near DAA?

We recommend using the street parking available on 8th St behind the studio on Detroit St. Unfortunately, we do not have our own lot. Please be aware of signs and daily parking restrictions. There is also a parking lot located near the corner of Cloverdale and 8th, a couple blocks west of DAA. (1 dollar/ hour or 4 dollars/ 10 hours)

  • Can I use a credit/debit card to pay for classes and space rentals?

We currently only accept cash or checks for class and space rentals. We do not have an ATM on site.


  • Are service animals permitted in DAA?

Only ADA compliant service animals are allowed within the academy, pets are prohibited.

  • Is DAA Handicap Accessible?

Yes, we have an elevator available for use during all open studio hours. 

  • Are class prices the same for all DAA classes?

No, DAA's specific faculty classes are at a set rate of $15 per class ($12 for Union Members), currently only Thursday night's tap class is DAA Faculty. All other instructors act as independent entities. Class price is set at the teacher's discretion, for individual class prices check out the Schedule tab.

  • Do you give Union discounts?

Yes, DAA and most of our instructors give discounts to Union members. The discount percentage, however, varies according to each class, please ask the instructor.


  • What about discounts for professional ballet dancers?

All of our current ballet teachers have discounts of up to 50% off for professional dancers. Please ask the instructor.


  • What does "Advanced Beginner" mean?

It means you have previous experience (limited, short-lived or simply many years ago) in this discipline and you’re back but don't need to start from square one.


  • It's my first time taking this class, what should I wear? 

DAA does not have a dress code but appropriate shoes are mandatory in all classes.


  • My daughter is 6 and wants to start ballet, how do I sign up for classes?  

Though DAA doesn't offer classes for children at this time, DAA is the residence of the Marat Daukayev School of Ballet, which offers a full semester of classes for young dancers. Learn more about their program at


  • How do I rent space at DAA?

To reserve space in studios, visit our Studio Rental page to select a room, and give us a call at (323) 932-6230 for availability updates.